Packaging unit

After the production process in the Bitumen production unit a necessary approval will be obtained from the quality control department, then the produced bitumen will be pipes out to the three packaging fields of Bulk, Jumbo bags and Drums.

- Jumbo bags are the form of packaging, that are designed, to endure 1 MT Bitumen. these bags are the most cost-effective packaging method, and the easiest and safest to load and unload. It is covered by a protective net shaped cage to prevent it from any damage.
(Diagram of Jumbo bags)

- The bitumen is also transported in bulk through Bitumen tanker which can hold 24 MT.
(Diagram of Bulk)


Steel Drum Manufacturing unit

 Zillion company has its own Drum manufacturing and filling unit, which are consists of two manufacturing lines with a production rate of 6,000 drums per day. These drums are made of cold-rolled steel and are tar-coated immediately in order to prevent corrosion and rust. This packaging method is the most in-demand and its Shipment is carried out by containers of 20 feet and 40 feet which hold a maximum of 110 drums.


The Drums are made with standard sized of


100 cm

100 cm in high with a net capacity of 180 ┬▒ 2kg net capacity


83 cm

83 cm in high with 150 kg net capacity

Diagram of drums, and containers.